Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hitler on "Criss Angel BeLIEve"


Rice said...

Wow, I never thought I'd agree with Hitler!

Jeff Simpson said...

It is amazing how talented some of the people who post to youtube are. I kept thinking how much Chris Angel must hate this. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Penius, prue penius! Err, I mean genius.

Jeff in OKC

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. because it's true.

Anonymous said...


And you just KNOW Criss Angel is gonna PULL THIS OFF THE SITE, he hates ANY publicity that is negative about himself - (even if its TRUE)- he deletes all negative comments from his website (and bans people if you post) AND is even controlling the comments on his girlfriend's site, if ANYTHING is posted that is NEGATIVE about her, its pulled right off! THAT is definitely Nazi Germany mentality! What happened to FREE SPEECH???

Actually, Criss IS almost like Hitler, in the way he controls his crew, his publicity, etc.

Wait, did Hitler date WHORES? Because that's all Criss Angel seems to attract. dating wise.
Especially his "girlfriend" HO-lly Madison, who is STILL his girlfriend by the way, despite rumors that they "broke it off".

Anonymous said...

Yeah that definately still together..she is silly and starting to wear his CLOTHES again like a DUMBASS 3rd grader!!