Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random pix I haven't shown you

While dumping extra images off my camera's memory card and organizing stuff on my laptop, I came across a few shots I'd taken in recent months for this blog but never had a reason to post.

The first was this one from our suite at Trump a while back. I liked it because it struck me that for all the fanfare, the Fontainebleau is really just a humungous version of its little brother up the block, the Riviera.

See that? The Riv is in the foreground looking so itty bitty, but the shape's the same and so, to some extent, is the exterior. This also shows just how grotesquely large the F'Bleau is. It may make us forget how sprawling and imposing the MGM Grand is when all is said and done.

Meanwhile, one day I was coming west on Spring Mountain Road and I noticed this:

Fun, huh? Of course, Wynn Road has been there for many more years than Wynn Las Vegas. I don't know exactly how long, but it was already there in 1996 when I first moved here. But I've never seen anyone shoot the two signs together, so I did.

Over at Las Vegas City Hall one day, I learned about a little free museum they have that you have to ask the clerks to let you into. Most of the stuff is obvious -- old city maps and pictures -- but I'm thinking we're the only city in the world whose museum offers a collection of...

...mayoral Bobbleheads?

This one has nothing to do with Vegas, but "Lost" fans will appreciate that I was playing my Petcast co-host Emily at Word Twist on Facebook when the seven-letter answers were...

...OCEANIC and COCAINE. Makes you wonder if the fact that the name of the airliner is an anagram for the drug means anything to explaining what's happening on the show.

And, finally, just something nice to look at.

Who said the desert landscape around Vegas is boring or ugly?