Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lame. Lame. Lame.

It's terrific that the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote an editorial today congratulating the Las Vegas Sun and reporter Alexandra Berzon for winning a Pulitzer Prize yesterday. But I was a bit in disbelief that they couldn't be bothered to assign a reporter to cover perhaps the most significant journalistic triumph in the history of the state. Instead, they buried the news on page 3B of the local-news section and used an Associated Press piece by Ken Ritter.

Oh, you're saying, of course they wouldn't want to put much effort into exalting their competition!

Except that that's the standard. The Detroit Free Press also won a Pulitzer yesterday and its bitter rival, the Detroit News, had staffer Francis X. Donnelly do a piece on it. The St. Petersburg Times won two and their chief competitor, the Tampa Tribune, had staffer Walt Belcher write it up. And every newspaper in New York City wrote their own stories about The New York Times' feat of five Pulitzers.

I have a theory. If the R-J had to actually cover the Sun's Pulitzer, it probably would've meant calling on the Classiest Publisher in America to make a comment. And he was very, very busy yesterday using his uberclassy blog to foment the view that teabagging is a gay sex act. It's called the Urban Dictionary. Look it up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Classy is waiting until Sunday to weigh in on the Sun's Pulitzer? It would be a welcome break from his mindless and repetitive Reid-bashing. Plus, it might be just enough time for him to get over the dawning realization that the R-J will likely never be honored with journalism's highest honor.

Anonymous said...

Guess again. Mr. Classy has announced that he is devoting his Sunday column to a defense of soulmate Jay Bybee.

David McKee