Friday, April 24, 2009

Confirmed: Top Chef Season 6 To Be In Vegas!

[UPDATE: Tonight, I got 100 percent confirmation that the show will do its season here. This is really big and really great timing for a much-suffering Vegas. It's a great opportunity for the city to shine not as some crazy, wacky place but as a serious culinary destination. -sf]

The sixth season of Bravo's Top Chef begins filming on Monday, April 27, in a city that has not been disclosed. I had a really fun 50-minute interview with chief judge Tom Colicchio -- and Craftsteak and 'wichcraft owner at MGM Grand -- today for an upcoming episode of "The Strip" and he would not disclose the location, the jerk. He said they avoid announcing the city because if they do, fans start hanging around the house where the contestants live trying to figure out who's been eliminated and so on. I even asked him to tell me if it was NOT in Las Vegas and he wouldn't answer that, either. (Of course, it's really hard for anyone to "hang around" the SkyLofts at MGM Grand to see who's coming and going, hmmm?)

BUT! Rumors abound -- Eater.Com says it'll be filmed at the M, YumSugar.Com has a poll showing most readers want it to take place here -- and I just stumbled over a sliver of a clue. Y'see, the show is filmed in about a month straight through. And yet one of the other judges, Toby Young, is auctioning off dinner with himself at Craftsteak on May 2 on eBay to benefit the Starlight Children's Foundation. The deal also includes two nights at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Now, it's not unreasonable for Jones to fly in and out that night. But isn't it odd that they wouldn't just offer the dinner to the winner for after the end of filming, just to make sure Jones could make it?

One way or the other, if Top Chef's coming to Las Vegas, we'll know pretty soon regardless of Colicchio's best effort otherwise since they'll have to do challenges on the Strip and around famous landmarks, right?


Jeff Simpson said...

LA Times blog said it was to be filmed in Las Vegas on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Good God, did Anthony Marnell leverage his soul to Beelzebub, because how else can one explain the amazing streak of good fortune he's had since the opening of M, especially in this abysmal economic environment.

The glowing reviews, the steady stream of customers, the high occupancy, and now this? Top Chef gets about 3 to 4 million viewers consistently, so there'll be some serious free publicity. And it'll be buttressed by the inevitable shots of the "cheftestants" reveling in the pool and casino floor.

Having been at the M, every accolade is deserved. In fact, though I'll be lodging elsewhere, I'll be hanging out there this Saturday for the Derby and NBA playoffs.