Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama coins new Vegas slogan!

President Obama is presently doing some politicking at a Nellis-area solar panel factory following a night of partying for Harry Reid at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace with an all-Harrah's/AEG celebrity lineup (Bette, Rita Rudner, Sheryl Crow, ex-Harrah's headliner Clint Holmes). That may explain the absence at Obama: The Las Vegas Spectacular of any Cirque performers or at least that noted Obamatic Terry Fator. Har har.

Anywho, Jon Ralston just reported via e-mail that The One is believed to have uttered: "Nothing like a quick trip to Vegas."

I don't think that remark is going to quell the folks who want to pretend the President told the nation not to do business travel here when he clearly did not and
it's only a matter of time before Hannity and Limbaugh lampoon the mustard-eating Socialist for saying "nothinG" and not "nothin'" like real 'Mericans would.

Still, it does have a ring to it. So here's a free suggestion to R&R Partners and the LVCVA: Grab the audio of that statement and start cranking out new TV and radio ads with that familiar dulcet voice beckoning: "Nothing like a quick trip to Vegas."

Hey, it's less than "What happens here stays here" but a heckuva lot more than "Vegas Right Now." All they need is for Caesars to put up a marquee in those iconic red block letters that reads: "Obama Slept Here." The Vegas comeback begins!

[Update: The White House transcript of Obama's remarks today indicate the whole quote was: "
You know, it's always a pleasure to get out of Washington a little bit. Washington is okay, but it's nice taking some time to talk to Americans of every walk of life outside of the nation's capital. And there's nothing like a quick trip to Vegas in the middle of the week. (Applause.) Like millions of other Americans, we come to this beautiful city for the sights and for the sounds -- and today we come for the sun." That led him into his solar power push.]