Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Presidential Suite

Not surprisingly, Caesars Palace is making the most of Obama: The Las Vegas Spectacular, the star-studded fundraiser for Harry Reid involving a host of Harrah's-related celebrities. They've just distributed this photo of the suite where the president rested his precious head last night and issued this press release, posted here in full...

Hail to The Chief At Caesars Palace...

LAS VEGAS (May 27, 2009) - While President Barack Obama was in Las Vegas for a sold-out fundraiser, he once again chose Caesars Palace as his resort of choice.

Having been a frequent guest of the hotel during his campaign, President Obama noted to the audience, "I thought I had a pretty nice room," he said. "But now I'm president, they upgraded me. It's a really nice room now."

Nice it is—the 22,000 square foot suite in the newly renovated Forum Tower offers unparalleled views of the Las Vegas Strip and offers and exterior patio with private pool. Always one to stay in shape, the President made sure to make a visit to the renowned Qua Baths & Spa for a workout and was spotted shaking hands and thanking the Caesars staff along the way. He also made a special surprise visit to room service to thank the staff.

At the fundraiser, Bette Midler (who like President Obama grew up in Hawaii) gave President Obama a Ukulele for his daughters, Sasha and Malia.

One odd thing here: How did the President get in and out of Caesars, including hanging out at Qua, without someone getting a camphone shot of him? I haven't seen anything today on the blogs or YouTube other than those podium shots on the Colosseum stage, which by the way, actually manage to make the most regal showroom in Vegas look boring. How come there are no photos of any of these celebrities with Obama, card dealers with Obama, gay cruisy guys at the spa with Obama?


MikeE said...

Its floor plan boggles the mind:

mike_ch said...

Presidents don't go through these places the same way you or I do. They mostly get the backroom, employee corridor experience.

Pete said...

Next time you see the President see how fast you can pull out something quickly from your pants or coat and then continue to stay on your feet. Not a good idea to try to point things at the President.

Pretty silly ... I mean impressive suite. All of the houses on my street don't equal 22000 square feet.