Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Show is UP: Jon Voight

I didn't know what to expect from Jon Voight, but what I got was an extremely expansive, very chatty movie icon willing to go pretty much anywhere with me. So with Miles still not feeling right and a longer-than-usual interview to contend with, we made this the focus of the interview and forewent the rest of the usual features of the show. Hope you enjoy it. You know the drill: click on the date below to listen or right-click and save to your computer. Or subscribe (it's free!) via this iTunes link or via this Zune link. -sf

June 4 : Jon Voight Likes To Talk

Actor Jon Voight ‘s roles in Midnight Cowboy, Deliverance and Coming Home made him one of the most iconic movie stars of the 1970s. He’s also the father of one of the most iconic movie stars of this era, Angelina Jolie. Voight is being honored with the Marquee Award at Cinevegas at a June 14 ceremony where an overhauled version of his 1982 Vegas-set comedy “Lookin’ To Get Out” will be screened. The film also stars Ann-Margret and was Angelina Jolie’s first film role. In this conversation, Steve and Jon Voight discuss his experiences with everything from Midnight Cowboy to Coming Home to Seinfeld. Then Voight explains how he turned from being an anti-Vietnam War activist to a fan of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin. He also has some harsh words for President Barack Obama.


Anonymous said... of the interview were great..up until he rambled on about how great Sarah Pallin is then trashed the Democrats shit on Blair and then defended Bush. 20 minutes earlier he said you were well informed..and later infered your views were - well he did not say but somehow thought your knowledge of worldly events were much less than his (he thought he knew you might be a dare I say it "democrat". Somewhere along listening I missed my turn from the metro and found myself walking around a mall listening to his dribble while I was "lost in time...or perhaps lost in translation". I am pretty sure he does not get invited out much in la la land.

If your going to interview nut cases like him - you should have a warning at the front end of the show: "caution to not drive, drink or walk listening g to this podcast". :)


Anonymous said...

Edmontonguy is right. How could you interview someone who could possibly see something to admire in former President Bush?

We certainly should not tolerate political views that may be different from our own.