Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's nice when your friends land on their feet!

Turns out, losing that "Jersey Boys" gig has worked to my pal Erich Bergen's favor. The former Bob Gaudio and co-producer of "Las Vegas Celebrates The Music of Michael Jackson" begins filming the first of three episodes of the CW hit "Gossip Girl" tomorrow in New York City. Erich's not allowed to say much more about his role other than he appears in scenes with Lady Gaga and Hilary Duff. And that's just the first episode.

You might recall that Erich was fired for undisclosed reasons from "Jersey Boys" last month after three years in the role both on tour and in Vegas. Had that not happened, though, he wouldn't have been marooned in New York City during his vacation and wouldn't have had the chance to audition for the "Gossip Girl" role. In fact, he had that audition on Sept. 24, the same day that he and I dined at Aureole in New York and went to see "In The Heights," as my Twitter followers know. (I was coincidentally in New York for my sister's surprise 40th birthday that weekend).

That Monday, having not heard anything about the "Gossip Girl" role, he flew back to Las Vegas. When he landed at McCarran, he had a message telling him he needed to come in for a callback the next morning. So he flew back to New York that night and made his callback audition by about 11 a.m. ... and got the part!

All of this, understandably, has delayed our ability to get with school district officials and decide how the $100,000+ we raised will be spent or to edit the video of the MJ concert. We'll get to all of that soon, we promise, and Erich will be back in Vegas pretty soon. There's been some behind-the-scenes planning for a concert to at least provide some closure for Erich's Vegas chapter that he didn't get by his sudden dismissal.

Congrats to Erich. Now, can anyone lend me some "Gossip Girl" DVDs? All I know about the show is what I read in US Weekly.


atdnext said...

Congrats to Erich! This couldn't have happened to a better victim of blind corporate greed. I'd otherwise hope he soon gets a regular role on "Gossip Girls", but CW is a hot mess and I'd really hate to see yet another shining star leave Vegas.

Jeff in OKC said...

IS it just me, or does the picture of Erich you lead with look like he is rubbing his, uh, member.

Anonymous said...

Happy news - now have to find out more about the Gossip Girl show! Looking forward to seeing more of the MJ footage sometime. Also hope Erich tapes his concert if one is done, so we can get a copy for keeps.

Frasky said...

This means Gossip Girl will be more interesting this time.