Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Manilow To Open At Paris On V-Day Weekend?

The official announcement just came that Barry Manilow's tenure at the Hilton ends Dec. 30. KVBC's Alicia Jacobs had reported as much last month and I had already Tweeted on Oct. 1 that I had confirmed that Manilow was in talks with Paris LV to move over there.

While the Paris folks have been coy because negotiations are ongoing, I now can report that Manilow has hired a new show director and is gunning for a Valentine's Day weekend 2010. Nothing's set in stone and no contracts have been signed, but the pieces are clearly falling into place.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Barry on his new contract. He has the best show in Vegas and is truely the showman of our time and I cannot wait to see him at his new home.

Caroline & Mary

Anonymous said...

congratulations Barry, cannot wait to see you in your new venue!


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Barry and his gang. Looking forward to more wonderful adventures.


Anonymous said...

congratulations Barry! :)

Anonymous said...

Barry congratulations and Good Luck, no matter where your new show will be. And, I will be waiting for the "Official" newsletter, about where you WILL be. Hope we know soon! Thank You Again Barry, for your FABULOUS shows at the Hilton, and, for 31 years and going!!