Monday, January 25, 2010

Please go VOTE now!

Remember last summer when Erich Bergen and I knocked ourselves out to raise just an itty bitty bit shy of $100,000 for desperately needed public school music education programs? Remember how, at the time, Norm Clarkeof the R-J Tweeted that he thought it was "the best two hours of entertainment on stage in Las Vegas this year?"

Well, now you get to chime in, too. The Las Vegas Review-Journal's Best of Las Vegas voting is open UNTIL 5 PM PT on MONDAY and it dawned on Erich today that "Las Vegas Celebrates The Music of Michael Jackson" ought to be at least considered for Best Concert. And I agree.

So do this. Go here and write us in. It's category #43. And, sure, while you're there, go ahead and fill out the rest of the ballot.

Oh, and while we're at it, Erich posted some YouTube video from the show. I didn't even know this until today. Here's Erich and Holly Madison opening the show by starring in "The Way You Make Me Feel":

And here's Clint Holmes doing "Human Nature":

Oh, and just for kicks, here's breakout star Elijah Johnson doing "Dancing Machine."

Now go VOTE.


atdnext said...

Will do, then. You have my vote! :-)

Anonymous said...

any DVD of the show available?