Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unmasking the Prostidude: Patrick L. Norton

For some reason, the media has agreed to cover for the nation's first "prostitude," providing him anonymity and allowing him to be known publicly only by his working name, Markus.

I'm not so generous. There doesn't seem to be any legitimate journalistic reason for not naming the fellow. Especially not when he's using the same photo in the press... he does on Facebook.

So, America, meet your first legal manwhore: Patrick L. Norton of Hatton, Ala. He's a failed porn star who told Details he sees parallels between himself and Rosa Parks in terms of breaking down civil rights barriers. Then he went on to say his sphincter is not for rent, with I'm thinking wasn't much of an issue for ole Rosa. On the other hand, he did NOT specify whether his tonsils are off the table, did he?

Oh, and, by the way, when he said he was an ex-Marine, he wasn't kidding. His prior claim-to-fame was this Military.Com piece from 2007 about the rigors of preparing to be deployed in Iraq. His new profession sorta casts a new light on the headline of that piece, 'Hard Training, Excellent Preparation," huh?

The USMC must be so proud. I know I am!


Dave Lifton said...

Let's give credit where credit is due - Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute.

Shaun said...

Way to go. It has been driving me nuts the way the other stories I've seen let him get away with being just 'Markus.' He's not in witness protection and he's giving the interviews and posing for pictures (and in the gayest 'not-gay' magazine on the racks). At least he has his FB page to keep him company during all those long nights at the Shady Lady ...