Monday, January 18, 2010

Sssnakes + Sssteve On The Strip!

I've been having a little trouble getting my head back in the game after a lovely break with Miles in Montreal, but that all stops abruptly on Tuesday morning at 8:45 a.m. PT when I pop into a 16-by-20-foot glass box with herpetologist Donald Schultz and a few dozen deadly snakes in the alley between O'Sheas and the Flamingo for Sphere.Com. Schultz is living in the box for 10 days doing snake experiments for an Animal Planet show, "Wild Recon," which airs next month.

Oh! And guess what? You can watch me! There's a 24/7 webcam here:

Also, until Jan. 27 (I think) you can just stop by and watch the guy in the box.

The disclaimer form is pretty intense and I've been instructed to dress protectively. So I could get bit and die. But I'm betting not. Anywho, gotta get some rest. Will be back on the regular blogging beat tomorrow with some fun Vegasy stuff from Montreal and, of course, some snakey stuff.


Jeff in OKC said...

You have balls the size of grapefruits, sir. I stand in awe!

Bay in TN said...

I'm watching it now, Steve! Soooooo cool!!!! I would never get in that box with that crazy guy and the snakes. Never. Ever. Ever!