Friday, February 19, 2010

My Grades For All 7 Cirque Shows

Remember how I blazed through all the Cirque shows in December and January and many of you wondered, WTF? Well, I did it so that I could review them all in this nifty primer I did for Portfolio.Com, posted today in time for the Viva Elvis premiere. This is a companion piece to a longer, in-depth Portfolio piece I wrote about Cirque. It's different than the Las Vegas Weekly cover inasmuch as the focus is more national and international and the LVW piece was specifically largely about the Strip.

Anyhow, if you care, you can go through the slide show and see my Cirque reviews. And here's the short version:

Mystere: A
O: B
Zumanity: B
Ka: A+
Love: A+
Criss Angel Believe: D
Viva Elvis: B-


Anonymous said...

I really have to disagree here. As far as vegas cirque goes, I've only seen Ka and LOVE, and LOVE was incredible. As for Ka, i thought it paled in comparison to every other cirque show i have ever seen. It's just a display of dollars put into an over elaborate stage that doesn't even look good from all angles. People say that those who don't like Ka are only turned off by the lack of acrobatics and circus acts, and aren't willing to accept its different from other cirque shows. Yes it is different from other cirque shows but cirque or not, it's a terrible show. the narrative, which aside from the stage is all this show has, is awfully constructed and leads to an anticlimactic end. In fact, the ending was so lame, it required a fireworks presentation to keep the audience's attention. LOVE was amazing and beautiful, enough said.

Phanos said...

I have to disagree with KA, that was absolutely the worst Cirque show I have ever seen. I give that a D.

Also how bout LE REVE, what is your score for it?
I personally loved it, I will give it an A.

Brian Fey said...

People's reaction to CDS shows really fascinates me. I've seen every show, and some over a dozen times. I tend to agree mostly with his grades, but not sure I'd give Zumanity a B. I think its somewhat hard to judge these shows and compare them to each other, as different people like different things. I am pretty surprised by the 2 previous post, who hated KA. KA and Love are easily my 2 favorite CDS shows currently. I used to love Mystere and O, but after a dozen viewings, I have grown somewhat bored of them, and craved something new.

I haven't seen Le Reve in a few years, and I know they've made drastic changes. But the last time I saw it, I'd rate it as a good show, but not a great show. I need to see it again.

Anonymous said...

Here's my rating for the first four shows that I've seen.

Mystere: B+
O: B
Zumanity: A-
Ka: C

A bit surprised that Zumanity was really really good. Remember the show the most.

Mystere is good, but it is showing its age.

O is good, but not the best. Can't justify seeing it again.

Ka was long and boring. Too much martial arts and not enough acrobatics.