Friday, February 19, 2010

An Obama-Elvis Friday

Here we go... At green valley high. Obama due in an hour. on Twitpic

As you can see, I'm at Green Valley High School awaiting the arrival of President Obama. Fun tidbit: This is the same gymnasium where then-Sen. Hillary Clinton made her first stump speech for candidate Obama after he vanquished her in 2008.

I'll be pretty busy today, obviously. I've got to get from GVHS to Aria for Obama's second speech, then file for AOLNews.Com, then tape Nevada Week in Review at 6:30 p.m. before returning to Aria for the premiere and party for Viva Elvis. In other words, I've got two events at Aria today and odds are I'll be late for both.

I'll be Tweeting throughout the day, and you can follow that either via this link or in the upper left column on this blogsite.

OH! Also - tomorrow's episode of The Strip will be presidential-minded as well. We're expecting to have an interview with Palms owner George Maloof on hosting the $30,000-a-person Obama fundraiser on Thursday night and then a totally fascinating chat with David Osbourne, the Bellagio pianist who has played for six presidents including, at the White House, for Obama, Bush and Clinton.

Join us live online and listen/chat at LVROCKS.Com at 5 pm PT Saturday. Amy will be subbing for Carson City-bound Miles, off to cover a special session of the Nevada Legislature.