Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UNVEILED: Cosmo's Restaurant Line-Up

Well, I guess it's going to open after all.

For the first time in its tortured history, the $4 billion Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has some actual news of the kind that suggests there will, at long last, someday be tourists to be served in the place. It's that sinuous grey-black building wedged between CityCenter and Bellagio, in case you didn't know, and it's presently slated to open later this year. It's got 3,000 lodging units but it's unclear whether there will be a condo component anymore, as originally planned. (The resort's website refers to "hotel and condo-style accommodations.")

All that may be unclear, but I've got for y'all this morning a list of restaurants expected to take up residence at Cosmo:

* Scarpetta, an Italian place from chef Scott Conant, which was supposed to go into the bankrupt and stalled-out Fontainebleau up the street. This is clearly Cosmo's crown jewel as the New York version of Scarpetta got three stars from the New York Times and New York magazine, was named by Esquire as one of the best new restaurants in America in 2008. There's also one in Miami at the Fontainebleau there. Conant also is doing an as-yet unnamed wine bar at Cosmo.

* Blue Ribbon from Bruce & Eric Bromberg. It's hard to tell what the menu will be because the Brombergs own eight locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including two sushi places and two brasseries.

* Comme Ca, a French brasserie (so Blue Ribbon will be sushi?) from chef David Myers, left, who has one in Los Angeles, too.

* Estiatorio Milos, a fish place with Greek influences from Costas Spiliadis, who has a place of the same name in New York, Montreal and Athens.

* STK, the requisite steakhouse, from the hospitality firm The One Group, which has STKs in New York, LA and Miami as well. [Note, The One Group's site also lists a restaurant called Yi for Vegas and something undefined called SHH!!. It's unclear if "SHH!!" is just a placeholder or an actual name of something. Those venues, whatever they are, are not to occupy Cosmo, I'm told.]

I'm impressed for one simple reason: They're all new to market. CityCenter has presented a terrific array of restaurants, but only a couple were from chefs who weren't already at Bellagio or aren't called Wolfgang Puck. That said, it also does not sound like the Wynn model of getting great chefs to move to Vegas and work full-time is being followed, but with sparse exceptions Wynn's the only one who's ever really been able to pull that off so I guess that's not fair.

So there you have it. There will be more and there will be a buffet as well. A good start.


detroit1051 said...

This is encouraging news. Hope Cosmo is up and running before Christmas/New Year holiday season.
Will Cosmo get more foot traffic from the Strip than CC/Aria because Cosmo is right on the street? Cosmo floorplans show most restaurants on third level facing the Strip. One large restaurant space near the rear of ground floor. Will third level locations deter foot traffic from going up a couple flights, or will proximity to Strip compensate?
Regardless, it's good for everyone that Cosmo won't be an empty, brooding hulk between Bellagio and CC.

Michael said...

Thanks for the report Steve, I agree it's a fairly impressive list as they aren't on the market and should bring some freshness to the competition on the strip. Kind of nice to not have a Pure, N9ne group, or Light group restaurant on the list. I don't mind those spots and what they bring to the properties, but like Cirque, I think there are plenty in Vegas already.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it make sense for them to give better odds in order to build a book of business. Better blackjack pay at 3:2 instead of 6:5 and perhaps better craps odds as well, but maybe not to the Casino Royale level, but better than nearby nice places. For no reason other than my own opinion, I just don't see MGM or Harrahs competing on odds. It would help build it up before it is sold by the lender.


atdnext said...

Mr. ELV reported that Blue Ribbon will be sushi, so that mystry is solved. And like him, I', also super excited about David Myers and Scott Conant coming to town! Conant runs what may be one of the best Italian restaurants in New York, and Myers is a true culinary genius who has really upped the ante in LA & OC. So far, I'm feeling good about Cosmo... Or at least about eating there! :-D

robertw477 said...

There will be no condo sales. It will be a hotel only. Anyone who was nutty enough to give them money got most of their deposits back when deutsche bank took posession of the place from that fool Ian Schrager who built it and blew through hundreds of millions. Oh I know Mr Trump, Schrager etc its the economy. Blame everything on "the economy". One thing vegas doesnt need i any more condos. They are giving them away at trump and signature right now. Over budget and more. The people got most of their deposits back. Wall St journal reported this a few months ago. The bank desperately want MGM to manage the place. It may be a sticky situation for a bank to be controlling a casino/hotel like this. They are desperate to sell the dump.


Anonymous said...

Steve Wynn took a VIP tour yesterday of Cosmo lead by some Realted (the developer for the bank) higher ups, not sure if the Principal Architects/designers or Cosmo CEO Unwin was there, the tour shut down alot of construction for the mid morning afternoon.