Thursday, April 1, 2010

Abandoned Kitty, Anyone?

Remember this? That cat needs you, whoever you are.

Four months ago, my "Petcast" co-host Emily Richmond noticed this cat hanging out around her house. She and her neighbor have now determined that this cat is homeless, that someone moved away and let her behind. They've been feeding her but they can't take her in. In Emily's case, she's allergic to cats. In the neighbor's case, she's got 3 territorial cats that wouldn't put up with it.

The NSPCA shelter is full. The Lied shelter will euthanize the cat. She's apparently very friendly and affectionate but is getting thinner and needs someplace to go. Miles and I are considering it but we have two very weird, moody dogs and we're really unsure whether they'd put up with it.

So, it could be up to you. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Check with Siena Animal Hospital at Grand Canyon and Russell. They will most likely take the cat in and help her find a home.

Anonymous said...

Check with Heaven Can Wait also.They may be able to help the kitty.