Friday, April 16, 2010

The Strip Is LIVE Sat w/ Robert Earl

Ex-Planet Ho resort owner Robert Earl is this week's guest on The Strip, talking about why he had to cede control of the resort to Harrah's, what he thinks of CityCenter and what his role in Vegas is now. PLUS, guest host David McKee of the Las Vegas Advisor's Stiffs & Georges blog will fill in for Miles, who has to work. I've consigned the task of drumming up a Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week to McKee, too.

Join us 5-6 p.m. PT at LVRocks.Com for to listen, watch via webcam and chat with other fans. The podcast edition, of course, usually posts for subscribers (it's free!) by the end of the weekend.

Also join us from 4-5 p.m. for two new episodes of The Petcast. This week, we've got Dr. Patricia McConnell, pet blogger/author and former co-host of NPR's "Calling All Pets" in the first half-hour and then Dr. Marlene Zuk, who researches animal behavior and was recently quoted in this New York Times Magazine piece on whether animals can be gay.

So chill with us from 4-6 pm PT tomorrow. It's fun and we enjoy the company.


Michael (@jinxclev) said...

looking forward to this one. Interested to see how candid Robert Earl is, as my guess is his time with HET will be fairly short lived and not necessarily by his choice.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to ask him about his involvement with Everton Football Club in the UK

atdnext said...

This one should be fun! I'll try to get home before 5:00 PM just for this. I can't wait to hear what Robert Earl says about PHo... And what Dave McKee will be saying about what Earl says!