Sunday, April 11, 2010


Aww. If any kitty ever deserved a comfy nap, it's this little guy. That's the handsome cat that loitered for months outside my Petcast co-host Emily Richmond's home. First we assumed it was just a cat that liked to wander, given that it had a collar (but no tags) and seemed well fed, so we made light of the matter in this YouTube video.

After a few months, though, it became clear to Emily and her neighbor, Debbie, as the cat was getting thinner that it was abandoned or seriously lost. So I posted this call for a prospective home and got folks to re-Tweet it all over the place. Emily couldn't take him because she's allergic and Debbie had three cats already.

Well...IT WORKED!!!

On Monday, reader Dawn Christensen emailed me. She and her partner had just lost their cat and wondered if this one was still bopping around the 'hood. He was. The Nevada SPCA, which had initially told Emily that they were full-up, had reversed that and was willing to take him in, but Emily and her neighbor hadn't gotten to that yet.

Emily posted some LOST CAT signs around the neighborhood for a couple of days to give the possible owner one more shot to reclaim their kitty. Then, on Wednesday night, the neighbor put the cat in a dog carrier and Dawn headed over to get him.

Let's pause the story here and look at him again:


OK, so Dawn and Hergit took in the cat. And on Friday, we received this email:

Wanted to let you know the abandoned kitty is doing very well. ... After spending all of 10 minutes in our home, he became so comfortable he quickly became ruler of the house so we've decided to name him Caesar. He's made himself very at home, which is wonderful!

I took him to the vet on Thursday morning. No microchip. The vet determined he is a 1-year old neutered male. He's in good health. No problems, confirmed today by the results of the blood tests. Got him all his shots and he's all set. He is so very friendly and loving and just all around adorable! He loves to give hickeys! Weird, huh?

A deep and heartfelt thank you to you both and to Debbie for taking care of him and spreading the word on his plight. We are so thankful to have him in our family. As my vet said, "It's good to have a cat in the house again, isn't it?" Hell yes, it is.

Here are other shots Dawn passed along of Caesar:

Hooray to blogs, podcasts and Twitter! However, I ought to remind everyone out there that it is kitten season, which means there are hundreds or thousands of cats overwhelming area shelters wherever you are. If you're so inclined, go save one or two. Caesar got lucky because he stalked the right home, that of a woman who podcasts about pets and animals.

Obviously, Emily and I will podcast about this and hope to have Dawn join us soon. Subscribe to The Petcast in iTunes here.

Oh, and one more thing:

Sigh. Happy Sunday, everyone.


Hiker said...

It's good to have a happy ending like this.

Thanks for finding Caesar a new home!!

The Petcast said...

The shot of the mouse house just says it all.

Anonymous said...

Caesar is definitely the king of the castle, judging by those photos. Congratulations to him on finding a new home & thank you and Emily Richmond for crusading on his behalf.

David McKee