Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Was NOT My Fault. Rats.

The Wynn folks just called off their effort to get a license and build in Philadelphia. I've been accused via text and email from friends of being a bit of an instigator given that the publication of the above image -- I'm using it now that (a) it's over and (b) everyone else has -- was the first big public problem between Steve Wynn and the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission.

So I just asked Jennifer Dunne, the corporate spokeswoman. "No, this has absolutely nothing to do with that." Then she referred me back to the corporate statement from Steve Wynn:

"We are fascinated by the legalization of full gaming in Pennsylvania and stimulated by the opportunity that it presents for Wynn Resorts, but this particular project did not, in the end, present an opportunity that was appropriate for our company."

Wow. Philadelphia had a chance to put Atlantic City out of business once and for all with perhaps the most respected gaming operator and casino-resort designer in history and fouled it up. I'm sure the drama about my posting that image didn't help and maybe that was at least the start of Team Wynn realizing that the PA gang are a bit unstable and whiny. Given that the New Jersey board is doing everything it can to destroy its gaming business, that's a hard act to show up. This is like the Republicans screwing themselves six ways to Friday and allowing the Democrats to somehow revive their brand in time for November.

The Philadelphia press and Stiffs & Georges blogger David McKee are likely to write post-mortems that involve Wynn's ignorance of the development history of the neighborhood where the casino was to stand. But that's a red herring here; the conflict between the state gaming board, which chose a site, and the city, which feels trampled upon, is not the fault of any potential casino operator there. It's an internecine political drama. If it became Wynn's problem, shame on the two governmental bodies who scotched the deal.

Maybe this is why, as McGee picked up on recently, Wynn was sighted in Atlantic City kicking some tires recently? Seriously, would not a Wynn Atlantic City make you want to give that loserville another shot?

[See RateVegas.Com's blog on the topic, too. And David McKee proves me wrong just for the fun of it.]


Tom M. said...

This is so typical of the hidebound, corrupt city government and a former mayor, now governor, who simply can't keep his hands off the city's business. There has been tremendous local opposition to this and I am not surprised that the community would blow this opportunity.

atdnext said...

Oh no, it's certainly NOT your fault. As you said, it's all about Philly and PA politics. And really, it's their loss... And perhaps New Jersey's (re)gain?

Dan Short said...

Wow Steve. We didn't realize you has such power. Maybe now Miles will take your tourist tips of the week a little more seriously.

After listening to Mr Wynn's diatrade on the health bill (this from the man who transfered the dealer tips without telling anyone) I am not sure anyone should do business with him.

If he won't touuch Philly will be bet on a dying AC? Is the Borgata his for the taking?

What a drama.

Anonymous said...

There is no way on earth that Wynn will make an appearance in Atlantic City as an operator again - unless he buys out the Borgata at a big, big discount. AC is dying and it's a pit. NY will eventually have gaming and so will Philly. In the meantime, Delaware has racinos to the South sucking those quarters without the extra drive. Sands will have full casino gaming and a shorter drive from NYC in Bethlehem. In AC Revel is a closed project that is less than half complete. The other properties are tired and old.

Besides there are international opportunities and South Florida opening up. Those offer much better opportunities than AC.

Steve - When was the last time you were in AC? I was there in 07. To call it a public toilet in a Greyhound station isn't fair to the public toilet. I stayed at the Borgata and it's nice, but I would never, ever go back, and the people who do go there are soon going to have choices.


Ron from MI said...

Wynn was going to build a casino in Philly, until now.

And this was THE drawing.

No Bronze tower this time?

Or even this....

"One year ago, I stood in Las Vegas, introducing you to Encore, an all-suite hotel at Wynn Las Vegas. Now I'm following up with the best thing in the City of Brotherly Love: Wynn Philadelphia."

(Helicopter shot, orchestra playing, other info.)

"Well, I wish the roof was little taller..."

John said...

The last time I was in AC I was amazed to see that on a weekend summer night around 2:30 am it was practically hooker city. An incredible dive. It's time may have passed. And to think that in the early 80's it was almost seen as a death knell to Las Vegas. In fact the first casino I ever entered was Wynn's Golden Nuggat.