Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gloria Estefan, the Las Vegas Spectacular?

At her star unveiling on the Strip on Friday, pop legend Gloria Estefan hinted that she would being doing something really big in Las Vegas that we'd all learn about very soon. In my subsequent interview with her for The Strip, she gave up little detail except, "We’re very excited. I think it’s going to be one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done." I asked if it was anything like the Donny & Marie show since we were standing directly below their marquee, and she said:

"No, no, you’ll see. I can’t. I never should have opened that can of worms. You’ll see. I can’t talk about it right now but it’s going to be really different, that’s all I can say."

Well, as with any major new endeavor, there are lots and lots of people in the know. And after I Tweeted about Gloria's tease, I had insiders provide me essentially the same story.

According to them, the Estefans and uber-producer Bernie Yuman are planning a biographical show about Gloria Estefan using her music but not featuring her as a performer. The show is expected to go into the renovated Tiffany Theater at the Tropicana. The timeline is a bit unclear, too. Yuman, Siegfried & Roy's longtime manager, has a long history with the Estefans that includes booking her at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and recently helping them buy a minority stake in the Miami Dolphins. Yuman is a legendary Dolphins fan who always wears the socks with the team's imprimatur on it.

Yuman declined to comment. The Trop's spokeswoman, Brandie Feuer, said she couldn't confirm this. But nor did either of them deny it, and I've got more than one source.

So it sounds like something of a Latin-themed jukebox musical born in Vegas rather than Broadway. That makes some sense even if I what I really want is for Estefan to pull a Garth and settle down for low-energy, stripped-down acoustical show. She, like Brooks, has the range, the fan base and the musical competence to do it.

That said, I've been revisiting my Estefan CDs in my car lately and wow, that remains terrific pop music. So whatever they can do to bring it back to the fore is fine by me.


Anonymous said...

The Estefans also own a restaurant chain called Bongo's Cuban Cafe, which would also fit well with the Trop's South Beach theme...

Anonymous said...

Well, one can only hope the new show is as "spectacular" as Sirens of TI. Sounds like Storm2 to me.

Led Strip Shop said...

That´s one of the things I´d want to see this year on my trip to Vegas!