Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Strip. Live. Today. Gloria Estefan.

We're back on today from 5-6 pm PT at LVRocks.Com, so come listen live as we mull the past weeks' news, play my conversation with Gloria Estefan and do all the other fun stuff that we do. Gloria and her husband, Emilio, received a star on the Vegas Walk of Stars on Friday outside the Flamingo.

Hear Gloria hint about her upcoming Vegas endeavor as well as discuss the Arizona immigration law, Cuba's renewed efforts at repression and more.

Join us, hear us, watch us, chat with fellow listeners. Or wait for the podcast version. Your call.


Jeff in OKC said...

I think Jan Jones comments about Mirage are somewhat of a cheap shot. Although she claims the decision not to change the comapny name from Harrah's to Caesars was economically driven, Jones is inviting speculation that the "real" reason is that they are planning to sell Caesars.