Friday, May 28, 2010

Maybe THIS is Grandmother McClain?

Don't worry, this is a funny one and NOT another epic post dissembling the McClain-Manendo campaign drama. Promise.

Lost in this debate, I fear, is the fact that I'm OK with McClain hammering Mark Manendo on his alleged history of sexual harassment. That's politics. I don't like gay-baiting, I don't like political consultants who pretend they didn't realize they were gay-baiting when it's part of their usual artillery and I don't like mainstream newspapers allowing one of the state's most powerful Democrats to hide behind anonymity to circulate unproved rumors. Unlike Jon Ralston, I find that the antithesis of "super solid" journalism and he would, too, if it had been done by the R-J.

Anyhow, a pretty odd mailer landed in State Senate District 7 addressing the sexual harassment matter. It's perfectly fine, fair game. Here's what the front looked like:

Uh, who IS that woman? In fact, is it really a woman at all? And what does he or she have to do with any of this?

Here's the top of the back of the mailer:

There she is again! Her identity and relevance are never explained, and as you see the headline "Mark Manendo has a long history of preying on young women" is just below her. Is this what Grandmother McClain and her crack campaign team believe is a "young woman"?

Yeah, yeah. I'm sure it's just some clip art of some scold. But she or he occupies the nearly half of the front of this postcard! And, also, you're campaigning in a liberal Democratic district so isn't it, in a political sense, a good thing that "he's just not right"?


atdnext said...

Cheese, louise! Is Kathy McClain trying to lose? Honestly, I actually like her... Especially since she shows some hope with her policy knowledge.

But every time I see her campaign resort to this crap, I cringe. Is she trying to turn off as many voters as possible? And are McClain and Manendo out to drive DOWN Democratic turnout in SD 7?

This is just getting disgusting... And once again, I'm relieved that I'm NOT in this Senate District!


Au contraire... I LOVE that I'm in this district. It's been a long time since there's been a race this nasty in these parts mainly because the Democratic machine usually sorts it all out before it gets this far. What theater!

atdnext said...

Mr. Steve-

Well, I'll have to share my campaign mail with you after the primary. Since I'm in a competitive district, the parties will be rocking and rolling here all the way through November. I guess it's become obvious who I'll be favoring. ;-)

Joe said...

Dissing the ad by mocking the appearance of someone on it? Really? That's very low class. You can disagree all you want with the content and innuendo of the series of ads (as do I) but no need for personal attacks [of, as you say, probably just a stock photo of someone].