Saturday, May 29, 2010

REISSUE: Dennis Hopper on The Strip in 06

We're still on for today's recording of The Strip at 5 pm PT at LVRocks.Com, but I wanted to toss this up because I thought it'd be timely.

Dennis Hopper, the former chairman of the (hopefully just) mothballed Cinevegas Film Festival, died today. In his memory, we're re-issuing this episode from June 2006 featuring an interview with the legendary filmmaker and actor.

It was a really good conversation, bouncing around from his roles with James Dean and on "24" to his involvement with Cinevegas and his accomplished art career.
You can listen download the episode by right-clicking on this link or click here and it'll just play. It's kind of fun vintage, opening as it does with our show's original theme music and featuring chatter from Miles and me about things like his low-carb diet and what MGM Mirage needed to do for the Monte Carlo.

The interview was recorded via Skype, though, and the sound quality isn't as good as how I do it now.