Monday, June 21, 2010

The Show is UP: Donny Osmond

Amy and Miles held down the fort quite well in my absence, so here goes. Subscribe (it's free!) in iTunes or in Zune. Click on the date below to make it play or right-click to save it and listen at your leisure. Enjoy!

June 21: Donny Osmond's Return

It’s been three long, productive years for Donny Osmond since last he joined us on this program. His first public hint that a Vegas deal was brewing was on that 2007 episode, and now he and sister Marie are major Strip headliners who have both also appeared on Dancing With The Stars. Donny, of course, won the ABC reality show last year, and he talks this hour about that triumph. He also talks about how he knew to buy the domain name way back in the 1980s and he and Steve touch on some current news of the day including the deaths of Marie’s son and Gary Coleman as well as his concern over Justin Bieber’s Donny Osmond-like popularity. Plus, someone famous once told him in the 1980s to change his name if he wanted to resume a show biz career. Find out who.

In Banter: MGM Mirage is now MGM Whatchamacallit, Louie Anderson traded the Excalibur for Palace Station, Rick Moonen got robbed, Vegas The Mall opens and Resort Fee Cancer spreads to Wynn and the Trop.

Links to stuff discussed:

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atdnext said...

Sounds interesting. I'll try to load it up while in Long Beach (Airport) so I can listen while flying. I also went "off the grid" for a couple weeks, as I've been enjoying the milder weather and coastal vistas of Orange County.

Oh, and I'll REALLY be missing Fleur de Lys... But I will keep an open mind and see what the new tapas place is like when it finishes the transition. If anyone can make me like that "California casualized crap", it's Chef Hubert Keller. ;-)