Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vegas Sunday Sillies

My screen-shot and photo folder runneth over, so time to share the smiles.

Miles' sister sent this card, which gave me a chuckle... did this Bizarro cartoon from a few weeks ago.

See, the balloon dog pooped balloon turds and that's funny, get it?

Those wacky folks at The View section of the R-J are back with more weird, dissonant art to go with their articles. See, it's a piece on how real bones are dangerous for dogs and the suggestion is do give them smaller treats so, naturally...

...the photo they select shows a dog chewing a plastic bone. Nowhere in the piece is that alternative suggested -- perhaps because chewing a plastic bone really doesn't do anything to improve dental health -- and the caption under the photo is irrelevant to the photo shown. Click on the image above to see it better.

Meanwhile, over in the sports pages, imagine my thrilling surprise when I saw that the New York Mets are on a 524-game winning streak!

OK, OK. I get that it's a five-game winning streak, but someone over there in the Review-Journal sports section needs to realign this grid. Pittsburgh Pirates fans are suffering enough without momentarily thinking their team has lost 914 games in a row, y'know?

I was in Boise last week, as I Tweeted, getting my state capital fix. The Idaho Capitol was closed for construction and renovation last time I was there, so I got a new money shot of me with the building since this was a more proper visit:

Oh, wait. That's the most obscure, weird artifact I've seen in a state exhibit anywhere. Look! It's the ex-first lady's fake diamond belt! Woo hoo!

Here's the real shot:

Meanwhile, even in Boise I couldn't quite shake the Vegas media. I mean, Jane Ann Morrison even has a road named for her!

I needed to book a room in Boise for my first night, and this one hotel site wanted me to "sumbit." Dunno what that means, but it sounds slightly naughty or crude.

As for the next image, I've asked this before, but it's worth repeating: WHY in this day and age do we have to wade through these state-name menus AND the ZIP code?

Why is the ZIP code good enough for Google but not for these archaic web forms?

And finally, Strip guest host Amy Turner wanted to know if...

...Wayne Brady's fly is open in this Leila Navidi photo from a June 14 report by John Katsilometes in the Las Vegas Sun. Click on it to enlarge and take a good look. It sure is dicey.