Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is Brad Garrett REALLY at the Trop?

That's a rhetorical question, of course. I know the "Everybody Loves Raymond" star is headlining his own comedy club at the Tropicana because there's a billboard in front of the property and not just the compliant media but even credible, discriminating entertainment observers have raved about it.

But tonight I'm heading over to check it out for myself, and I needed to know what time the shows start. So, because I'm just that kooky, I went to the Tropicana's website. And here's the front page as I found it:

Huh. No Robbie Barone here. Let's try the "Nightlife & Entertainment" tab, shall we?

Not there, neither. Hey! Let's try that "VIEW SHOWS" tab there.

Nada. I know! I'll try the "Calendar of Events" link on the Nightlife & Entertainment tab!

Sigh. Nope.

As it happens, a couple minutes after I posted this, for whatever reason, the site's splash page started to rotate four images. It wasn't doing that earlier, I swear. And the fourth splash page is this:

So for a moment I felt a little dumb for picking on them. Except then I tried to click on the image, to go somewhere -- anywhere! -- for more information. And there's no place to go. There's no place to buy tickets. The rest of this post remained what you would find if you tried what I tried.

A good tip for selling stuff is giving people a way to buy it.

That's embarrassing. As the kids say, OMFG, WTF? The last time I saw a property treat one of its marquee show offerings like thi, it was Planet Hollywood vis-a-vis the Steve Wyrick show and we all know how that turned out.

I did finally find the show times. It's 8 p.m. tonight. I Googled "Brad Garrett Tropicana" and the first link was to a three-week old Trop press release. It was in there somewhere. I'm looking forward to the show, truly. And I'm hoping the Trop's website isn't the only funny joke.