Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pictorial: Holly's Backstage World

Last week, I went backstage at Peepshow for a piece I'm working on and hung out for a little while with this blog's very own pin-up, Holly Madison. While I was in her dressing room, I shot a bunch of photos because the place had all sorts of tchotchkes and wall, uh, art. It is quite colorful.

All my pix can be found in this Flickr set, but here are some of the highlights. That, above, is Holly about to glue on her false lashes.

I also learned while I was there that Holly's under contract through the end of December and sales for Peepshow have improved with the success of her new reality show, Holly's World. So various reports of the show's demise have been exaggerated, again.

Her famous dogs weren't with her, but when they are, here's where they chill:

The door...

...and her bobblehead, pez and some boobs:

Check out the Flickr set to see the sheep-humping art, the Peepshow Prayer and more.


JeffW said...

"So various reports of the show's demise have been exaggerated, again."

I am a Holly fan; I waited the Sunday night at PHo for the premier - see Holly in person - take good photos - she was great with the crowd. But, Steve, the show is dreadful. I can't even watch anymore. Is it supposed to be about her life? They struggle to find things to do for the sole purpose of putting it on the show. Ugh.