Monday, July 26, 2010

This week's LVW col: Expand?!?

Here's this week's LVW col. -sf

Michael Gaughan’s solution to the recession:
Expand the South Point



True confessions time: I pretty much never think about the South Point Casino. We don’t live anywhere near it, I’ve never noticed anything that interested me on the entertainment schedule and I can’t say readers have ever asked about it. I don’t mention it in my travel writing and it’s possible that the last time I was there was for a 2006 interview with Jerry Lewis—made famous when his publicist was fired for trying to charge me $20,000 to speak to him.

It’s just one of those seemingly bland locals spots, off on its own, doing its own thing, and that thing hasn’t been all that compelling.

That is, not until its owner, the plaid-wearin’, big-belt-buckle-sportin’ Michael Gaughan, did what nobody else does these days: He expanded.

Uh, dude? Haven’t ya heard about the recession?

“Well, cutting back hasn’t worked,” Gaughan said on Monday, which, coincidentally, was the day Nevada’s unemployment rate hit an all-time high of 14.2 percent. “I decided to try something new. I got tired of hearing about everybody cutting back.”

Truth be told, this expansion wouldn’t normally stop the presses.

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Anonymous said...

Steve - I read the piece and liked it. He is putting his money where his mouth and ideas are. Good for him, but I do have a question: So what if he could be viewed as a "hick?" He has done well and he reinvests in his business and in Las Vegas. He is trying to give customers a better value proposition. Does it really matter if he is a "hick?"