Monday, September 13, 2010

Reid Ad Reconfigures Strip? Evidently Not

[UPDATE: Sig Rogich of Rogich Communications just called, following up on a Harry Reid campaign email, to explain these images were taken from a perch around Russell and Polaris where, indeed, the Strip does appear as seen using a special lens that sort of flattens out the vista. I stand corrected, although I'm terribly entertained that this matters so much to them. The original post remains intact for archival purposes. Also, the Cosmo's blue lights? Still ridiculous. -sf]

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a new ad up slamming GOP challenger Sharron Angle for wanting to use Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste storage. I'll leave the fact-checking to Jon Ralston, except for the part that I'm good at.

The ad features trucks of nuke waste rolling by the Las Vegas Strip. But take a look at what the Strip looks like the first time we see it:

In what location could the Mandarin Oriental (tall with the glowing white fan image) stand closer to the New York-New York than the Monte Carlo? Where's Aria, given we can see the Cosmopolitan's ridiculous blue running lights, too? How do they even come up with such an image? And why?

Here's the other view we get:

It's hard to see, I know, but that's, in order, the PH Westgate tower besides the Excalibur besides the Palms. Uh, no.

Just a little goofiness. Maybe Sharron Angle also has a stimulus plan to move these buildings around by the time she gets Yucca up and running.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating on deadline? But weird, right?


Anonymous said...

What. Both photos are accurate? Obviously taken from the 15, or possibly across on Dean Martin.