Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LVW Col: The Monorail's Signage Woes

So the Paris Hilton thing turned out to be a good story for me after all. Sorta. Read on. -sf

Signs of trouble
Finding the Monorail isn’t easy

I just couldn’t stop staring at the blurry image on showing Paris Hilton being arrested for allegedly possessing narcotic-flavored Trident or something like that. No, I don’t care what becomes of vacuous stoners; what caught my eye was a sign behind her, indicating a Las Vegas Monorail station somewhere to the south.
Hilton was collared, you see, in front of the Wynn. You don’t have to be packing cocaine to think, seeing that sign, that you’re close to getting out of the 115-degree heat and onto public transit.
Except you’re not. The nearest stop from that sign sits behind Harrah’s, nearly a two-mile hike once you’ve wended through the casino. Not undoable, certainly, but far enough away that pedestrians ought to know so they can decide if they should cab it or just walk to their destination.

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Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out why the monorail's website hasn't posted a new press release since last fall.

Look under its "Monorail News" section on the home page and you see items about New Year's Eve closures and marathons from last December. Or go to the "Press Releases" section under the media tab and find nothing at all under the 2010 folder.

It's almost October - have they had nothing to tell anyone all year?