Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today Show, Etc., on Vdara Death Ray

Is this an important story? No. Is it fascinating and amusing and bizarre? You betcha.

Enough so, in fact, that Today had me at Miles' station late yesterday filming this bit. As I understand it, they were moving quickly so NBC could have its version done and out before CNN. Yes, folks, CNN. God I hope that means Jeanne Moos. That would be killer.

ABC posted a death ray story today, too, following up on my AOL News piece that showed the documentation that MGM Resorts knew about the solar convergence problem in 2008:

By the way, the Today Show's graphic was much more accurate, if not nearly as sensational, as the R-J's.

But I do have some hot questions:

* Why hasn't the R-J's Joan Whitely followed up yet on what is clearly the biggest, most widely disseminated story of her career? Why hasn't she done more of the MGM-knew-in-2008 story? You'd think if nothing else they'd do a media story about how much play this thing has gotten, no?

* Why haven't the local TV stations or the Las Vegas Sun followed, given the enormous national interest?

* Will this be a "bluff the listener" question or a "lightning fill-in-the-blanks" question on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me?"

* Would this have taken off in the pop culture and mainstream media without the term "death ray"? And where can go to tip the pool attendants who dubbed it such?


Joanna said...

You were charming, as usual, Steve. What a strange thing this is!

Anonymous said...

at least you aren't pretending you originated the story

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sure the mighty MGM Execs have sacked 'em all by now or at least in typical casino management fashion called up LVRJ & applied pressure to find out exactly which employees spoke to the reporter coining the term "Vdara Death Ray".

I'm always happy to hear about Sickly Center's latest follies! I've heard gasp!...Ross Dress For Less is going to be across the street & plans for a Walgreens Drug Store at Crystal Crystals Mall! EEK! The commoners are invading!

Vdara Death Ray - great Halloween costume this year! Perhaps CityCenter is haunted by the ghosts of those pesky construction workers after all! More egg on the faces those wasteful spending Execs! Make that a fried egg!

Dave Lifton said...

It's the Bluff The Listener!