Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vdara Death Ray in CHINESE anime!

[Update: Oops. It's not Japanese, it's Chinese. Wasn't paying attention. Shame. Now stop writing to correct me. -sf]

OK, it's been a pretty heady week for lil ole Vdara and its DEATH RAY. And now this:

Something tells me the geniuses who make these funny vids aren't planning to cover, uh, the Reid-Angle race any time soon. Although I'd give a lot to see Sharron Angle animated as she allegedly hates on the autistic or whatever and Harry Reid telling Kirsten Gillibrand she's so hot in Japanese. It is ripe, but I suspect Christine O'D0nnell's witching past might be even better.

Meanwhile, also in DEATH RAY news, as I predicted, "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" used the item on this week's show. Hat tip to Dave Lifton for pointing it out first, and you can hear just that six-minute segment by right-clicking here. Funny stuff, although the joke's been told so many times this week it actually feels stale. Had Mo Rocca been on the show this week, he might have pulled off a line like this classic from the Twitter feed of @Misadventurer:

I love how some competitors are taking advantage:

Oh, and right after I wondered on this blog (a) why the R-J hadn't followed up on their own scoop, (b) why the Sun hadn't done anything at all and (c) why nobody else locally had written anything on the absurd amount of press coverage devoted to this, the R-J and the Sun both chimed in with...pieces on the absurd amount of press coverage devoted to this. Of course, neither of them referenced the AOL News piece that was the first national follow-up and which actually advanced the story beyond Joan Whitely's original, but that's to be expected from the insecure souls who run our version of the MSM.

That's OK. We sorta got the Sun back over at AOL with this possibly misleading headline:


mike_ch said...

Japanese? And here I figured you would recognize Chinese more likely than I would.

The people behind this first came into popularity for their simulation of Tiger Woods' affairs and later Al Gore, among other news events.

Anonymous said...

Great vid. FWIW, the vid is in Chinese (Mandarin) and not Japanese.

Anonymous said...

Why is there nothing on this site about the Donny and Marie/ Chip Lightman debacle? What IS going on between them?