Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LVW Col: Defending Donny & Marie

I just realized I never posted last week's column, about the Donny & Marie lawsuit. The Las Vegas Weekly comments section has gone berzerk, with Osmond fans singing my praises. Since I normally fall on the wrong side of, uh, strident fan bases -- think Bette Midler or Matt Goss -- I'm enjoying being on this side. Read on. -sf

Defending Donny and Marie
An ex-manager’s lawsuit against the duo reeks of desperation

Before those who enjoy such spectacles start cackling that the wholesome, can-never-do-wrong Donny and Marie Osmond are about to be exposed as phonies and frauds amid the brutal breach-of-contract lawsuit that just hit them, they might want to consider the source.

That is, one Harold “Chip” Lightman Jr. Their now-and-forever ex-manager.

Normally, ex-managers are pretty good for the inside scoop on what stars and celebrities are really like. Except that Lightman’s move here smacks of a naked desperation and blinding anger that makes his claims harder to buy.

Lightman believes Donny and Marie breached their contract with him when they recently shitcanned him. Fine. Yippee. If he thinks that, he ought to go ahead and sue and let a judge decide that. It’s the American way.

But apparently, the American way these days is also to make a round of calls to journalists...

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Anonymous said...

LOL! just tell it like it is.

LinFromNJ said...

great job, as usual, Steve.

Dan Short said...

Wow. You are a "repected Journalist". Won't Miles be pleased.

See you soon.