Sunday, October 17, 2010

Um, WOW: Cosmo Ad Debuts on Mad Men

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has rolled out its first ad and it is . . . quite an ad. Not sure what to make of it, to be honest. It's gutsy and provocative, but what does it all mean? (At one point, it seems like they're condoning male prostitution. Really.)

I guess it will really depend on what the place turns out to be when it actually opens. For contrast, here's how Aria Las Vegas tried to entice people before they opened:

[h/t Chuck King via Twitter]


Anonymous said...

Aw c'mon, Steve!
Write about the latest scandal going on at Erotic Heritage Museum!
Now there's a story!

Michael (@jinxclev) said...

I wouldn't call it male prostitution, with the theme, "with the right amount of wrong". Definitely will be interesting to see if it hits the note they want and drives traffic.

Kara C. said...

If I can book a room full of kittens @ the Cosmo, I'm there!

Anonymous said...

I'd be curious what the 50 somethings or older think. Just another place we're not welcome. In case Cosmo didn't know, the youth don't have the money, we do.

Anonymous said...

Couple of thoughts:

1. Women have achieved equality when they have to pay for sex too.

2. The opening ad is opening buzz only. After that it's price and service just like it is for every other property no matter what that opening ad suggests.


Anonymous said...

Well. I didn't see that ad, and I never miss "Mad Men." I do, however, get a refill on my cosmopolitan during commercial breaks.

But I like it. Seriously. I like kittens, puppies, chicks, and "just the right amount of wrong." I desperately wish I could say that when I worked in advertising, we got to do fun stuff like that commercial. We didn't. We did tripe and crap and compromised ourselves all the time. Kudos to the ad agency that came up with that delicious bit of fantasy! It makes me want to visit the new hotel.