Thursday, October 28, 2010

Of Reid, Angle, Reid and . . . Vince Neil?!?

Today would happen to be the day that a bunch of pieces I've been working on crash-land simultaneously:

* 50/50 America: Tired of the senseless discourse and worried that the nation is impossibly polarized? Take heart by checking out the debate I engineered for Politics Daily between two middle-class neighbors who share a wall but very, very different philosophies and perfectly reflect the broader national divide. Dave Alexander is a hard-core Tea Party activist -- he's actually caravaning right now with the Tea Party Express tour -- and Jodi Warman is a lifelong Democrat. And yet he's pro-choice and pro-gay equality, she wishes the health care reform bill had taken on trial lawyers. This piece has been on the Welcome Screen of AOL for the day and heavily blogged. (BONUS: I'm visible in the reflection of the window in the photo.) It's something that the poll-obsessed political pundits really never do -- talk to actual voters. Or encourage them to talk to one another.

* The Son Also Falls: Over at The Daily Beast, I take a look today at the inner workings of the Harry Reid-Rory Reid dynamic at this stage of the two-Reids-on-the-ticket political year. Rory Reid's mother-in-law provided an amazing opening anecdote and U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley wistfully wished she had dissuaded Rory from running.

* Remember This? Last spring, Portfolio.Com asked me to profile Motley Crue rocker Vince Neil for part of a series called Eponymous, about brands that are also people's names. I did the interview, filed the piece, got paid for it, posted the podcast of the interview and watched all summer as Neil had repeated scandals. Well, the site is finally up to publishing the series, so I updated the thing and it's up. I've got another part of that series waiting to go, too, about Steve Wynn.