Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pictorial: Wayne Newton's Las Vegas Home

This week's episode of "The Strip" features my lengthy, illuminating discussion with Wayne Newton, whose plans to turn his ranch, Casa de Shenandoah, into a tourist attraction has garnered some controversy. I've taken a bunch of photos of the home and what folks might see, although it was pouring rain that day and I didn't get to do as much outside of the main house as I would have liked.

Nonetheless, I created a Flickr set you can peruse if you're interested. Above is an ornate dining room table centerpiece and here's one of the many peacocks bopping around the estate:


You might recall from my interview with Wayne last year that he told a hilarious tale of having to buy his own stuff back on eBay after they'd been pilfered from his house. One of those is this signed Lucy photo:

The Lucy Photo

The peacocks aren't the only animals on the ranch, of course. There are horses and other caged birds and...

Wayne's monkey

...this marmoset. No word if the indoor animals will be on display whenever Wayne opens the property to guided tours.