Sunday, November 7, 2010

From Politics To Poker

OK, I'm ALMOST there.

I think I may have finally stopped writing about the 2010 midterms with this Politics Daily piece that expands on my earlier blog post in crowning the mainstream media a big winner this year. It includes some insight from Sunbelt chief Bob Stoldal and Tony Hopfinger, the Alaska reporter handcuffed by GOP candidate Joe Miller's goons. Favorite line: "But it went further than that, with Angle providing so much footage of herself running from cameras that she may be ready for this weekend's New York City Marathon ... ."

And then it was on to poker. Early this morning, the World Series of Poker Final Table was reduced from nine to two, and these two guys will square off at 8 p.m. PT at the Rio. I've been covering for Agence France-Presse and for AOL News, and you can see how subtly differently the approaches are based on the audience. If you're really, really into this, totally check out Howard Stutz's and Oskar Garcia's coverage of same.

If you're not hip to the rah-rah poker stuff, check out my current Las Vegas Weekly column about the fact that the Cosmopolitan won't have a poker room and what that portends for The Game. And apologies to East Coast Gambler, who had known and blogged about the Cosmo's no-poker deal back in August.

I had planned to do some other blog posts today about stuff in the papers and such, but I've gotta be up ridiculously early tomorrow to appear on radio shows around the country discussing my Daily Beast and Politics Daily coverage of the Harry Reid-Sharron Angle race. So after that, I'll post this week's episode of "The Strip" and catch up on some other stuff.


Anonymous said...

Steve - If I recall the story of Caesers poker room it was put in after a whale of Caesers wanted to play poker and did so at the Bellagio where he also lost 7 to low 8 figure amount playing baccarat. My memory says he lost about $15 million that night. Is that a true story?

Another thought is that you have Bobby's room next door at Bellagio and Ivey's room on the other side at Aria (though I don't know how well Ivey's room is doing), so what's the point in putting one in between?

It's an interesting bet on Cosmo and Duetche Bank's part.