Thursday, November 11, 2010

The show is UP: Frank Sinatra Jr.

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Nov. 8: The Agony of Frank Sinatra Jr.

Frank Sinatra Jr. has the voice, the stage presence and the look. So why is he not successful? Or, rather, why does HE say he’s not successful? In this conversation with Steve, the son of the legendary Chairman of the Board is stunningly candid about the disappointments in his life, including the fact that he never really felt close to his father and doesn’t know whether his dad was proud of him. Plus, find out what famous actor’s home he and his friends never visited on Halloween, learn how he felt about playing such off-Strip sites as Boulder Station and the Suncoast, and hear some intimate details about his 1963 kidnapping. Also, how did that unusual appearance on the pilot of the Vegas-set CBS show “The Defenders” come about?

Links to stuff discussed:

See Frank Sinatra Jr. at The Orleans from Nov. 19-21
Frank Sinatra Jr.'s The Defenders cameo
A good piece on the kidnapping of Frank Jr.


Anonymous said...

His speech and thoughts are very, very methodical. Do you think he is as unhappy as he sounds?


Allen said...

Just saw Frank Sinatra Jr. at the Orleans. In my view, he's pretty laid back compared to the vitality of his father. Jr's lower notes sounded like his father's but not the high ones. All in all, the audience was treated to a nostalgic songfest of the 60's.