Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ranking Vegas' 8 Naughtiest Shows

As podcast listeners knew, I spent the summer checking out topless shows on the Strip with Jamie, my Little Brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters. (He's 20 now and it's legal, so chill out.) The conceit of the piece was that he's straight and had never been to any topless shows before I took him to our first of eight, Fantasy. And I'm gay, so I had a different point of view that might be of use to women considering attending these shows on their own or with their straight male counterparts.

The piece is up as of yesterday on the Los Angeles Times' website. (In the end, the editors decided the subject matter was a little too risque for the print edition.) We did not include the new topless shows at Sahara and the Westin mainly because I don't believe the Westin one will be open for long and the Sahara one bowed after I had filed the story and Jamie didn't have time to go.

There's detail and discussion of each in the piece, but here's how Jamie ranked the shows:

1. Zumanity
2. Peepshow
3. Jubilee!
4. X Burlesque
5. Bite
6. Crazy Girls
7. Crazy Horse Paris
8. Fantasy

I did not attempt to sway Jamie, I swear. I wanted his ranking so that it would be useful to his peers, not mine. If I had to rank, my order might have been a little bit different. For my money, Jubilee! is just the coolest thing and Crazy Horse Paris the worst.

I also did a quick sidebar on the male stripper revues to go alongside this. You can find that here.


Michael (@jinxclev) said...

Interesting perspective, I have only seen 2 on the list but agree that X is higher then Crazy Horse, a bit surprised to see Bite where it is and Jubilee, although I know Jubilee has the nostalgia going for it, it's sort of interesting to see where it landed against the other shows.

I'm also a bit surprised by Fantasy last, as I would have thought it fell in line closer to X from other reviews I've read.

VegasPal said...

Las Vegas likes to please everyone. Although, Penn & Teller isn’t really a family show. Just giving you a heads up.