Friday, January 21, 2011

Aria Wrap Coming Apart At The Seams?

How long has this thing been up? A week? LOOK AT IT!

These were shot by Amy from Panorama Towers tonight. She didn't notice it this morning, so she thinks it might be intentional or that they're working on fixing something. But I just can't figure out how that could be; if they were peeling some of it off, would they send a crew out there to just pull at corners and leave them hanging?

What's interesting is that when I was at the Panorama condo on Monday, there was a chunk of the H that was missing. That's been fixed. So my hunch is that they've had trouble applying this wrap because the building surface isn't smooth. Part of the reason they got LEED Gold Certification for Aria was that the windows are designed with a small overhang above it that reduced the amount of sunlight gets into the rooms and, thus, reduced the A/C usage.

Here's another theory: Aria is uncomfortable with this desecration and humiliation as our dogs are when Miles tries to put a sweaters on them. The soul of the building is protesting, Mr. Murren. Set it free!

By the way, it occurs to me that MGM Resorts would've been wiser to wrap Vdara instead. It's not as prestigious a property, it actually faces south so as to face to California-to-Vegas-bound cars and -- added bonus! -- it could mitigate the sun glare from the Death Ray. And now there's another reason: The wrap would probably stick better.


detroit1051 said...

It's obvious. God is displeased with MGM Resorts for desecrating CityCenter.

Anonymous said...

^What he said! Obviously Aria hates being defaced. It's heart is tearing off the bad part of the soul. Lol

Ryan said...

If they put it on Vdara, everyone would rip them by noting that the show isn't actually "in the building" that has the wrap...

Anonymous said...

That wrap is disintegrating even faster than the one on the Trop. BTW, Cirque is running silent, running deep on why its name, logo, trademark, etc. aren't on the Aria wrap.

David McKee