Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aria Wrap: Even Worse Than We Thought

That's it?

It appears the desecration of Aria is complete. And the outcome, if it is even possible, is worse than expected. "Elvis is in the Building"? With no further instructions? No reference to the name of the show? Just a sign that could also be hung on the Stratosphere (America Superstars), Harrah's ("Legends In Concert"), Bill's (Fat Elvis) and the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel, among others?

There's no grace or beauty in the sign, either. This, remember, was what the VegasTripping gang had imagined this would look like:

THAT would have been more graceful and less visually off-putting.

But more importantly, they've now damaged the elegance of a world-class building and spent many thousands of dollars doing so. And the message is . . . unclear. Isn't the purpose of advertising to raise awareness of something? The sign MGM Resorts just put on Aria assumes you already know about the Viva Elvis show inside. But if you already know, what do you need the ad for? And if you don't know? Well, that sign doesn't scream, "Ooh, I gotta find out what that's all about!" does it?

Somehow I suspect most Vegas-goers think that there's some sort of Elvis something in every building on The Strip. Also, that it's tacky kitsch. Also, tourists don't see the back of this building all that much, so the billboard is only useful to drive-by traffic on I-15.

I just can't come up with any scenario where this make senses from the point of view of protecting or promoting a brand. These folks are just too cute by half.


Anonymous said...

I think it could have been worse. Maybe the next one.

Oh, and I think the entertainer @ Bill's is Big Elvis, not Fat Elvis.

Amy said...

Here's another, clearer picture I took at the same time. Check out how gorgeous Vdara and Cosmopolitan are in the reflected light of that desert sunset. And Aria looks like a billboard.

I agree with Steve that it's pointless and ugly, and the only people who have time to see it and absorb the message and react to it -- which is the point of advertising, right??? -- are the residents of Panorama Towers. We know what's in the building, y'all.