Sunday, February 6, 2011

NFL: We Forced Fox To Spike Station Casino Ads

NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed a short time ago that following my inquiry about the planned Station Casino ads that the Review-Journal reported would appear during the Super Bowl on the local Fox affiliate, the sports league forced KVVU to pull the spots. Station was slated to buy five 30-second ads for a total cost of $360,000.

Responding to my email asking about the decision, McCarthy wrote me:

Correct. We had a conversation before the game with Fox which informed the station it could not air the spots.

I had raised the question of whether such ads would violate the NFL's policy prohibiting Vegas-related advertising during NFL games and especially the Super Bowl. Evidently, it did.

Review-Journal gaming reporter Howard Stutz had said earlier today on Twitter that he didn't think the ads violated the NFL policy because they didn't show gambling or even the exterior of casinos, "just people." The policy states:

Only tourism destinations (e.g., Nevada, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe) are permitted. The prohibition of ads for specific hotels, casinos and other institutions that house gambling will remain in place. Ads may not contain any gambling references or imagery. For example, an ad for Las Vegas tourism with footage of slot machines, dice, cards, or a wide shot of Vegas strip and casinos would not be permitted. However, an ad for Las Vegas tourism with pictures of golf, swimming pools, and performers would be ok.

The content of the ads must comply with the networks’ standards and practices and also meet our standards for being suitable for a mass audience.

But Station did run an ad tonight -- on the post-Super Bowl episode of "Glee." I just posted it on YouTube and it clearly advertises "specific casinos" and sort of makes allusions to gambling. See for yourself:

I continue to be surprised that Station hasn't put the ads up on YouTube or their own site, given that this could become a news story that could garner Station lots of free airings of its commercials on EVERY network as well as plenty of sympathy from Vegas locals.

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Bay in TN said...

I guess I'm a little confused. Were these ads supposed to run nationally? Or just in the Las Vegas area?

Furthermore -- OK, I know the NFL is way into control, but I guess I'm just seriously confused as to why they've got their panties in a wad over Las Vegas advertising in general. Like Las Vegas, and gambling, and enjoying gambling in Las Vegas are some sort of major character flaw. It's not as if Station Casinos was advertising, "Come beat your wife in our hotels," or "Murder your drug dealer at one of our big, affordable buffets." Heck, I think someone should outlaw Suzanne Somers ads for anything that she would deem "sexy for an afternoon," much less "sexy forever." But you don't see cooler heads prevailing in that regard, do you?

So -- sorry to get off track a bit, but -- basically, I don't understand why Station Casinos can't advertise their wares during a football game or "Murder She Wrote" reruns or, really, any time they want. And can afford.

I hope Station Casinos got their money back.

Anonymous said...

You are unbelievable questioning this towns number one industry. You truly hurt this town. Hope you are happy.