Friday, February 11, 2011

The Show is UP: Hi, Sierra!

Here's our second kitchen-table show, this time broadcast via UStream when we did it live. We'll probably do our next live show on Monday night. As always, you can subscribe to The Strip (it's free!) in iTunes or Zune to get the latest show and various specials. Enjoy. -sf

Feb. 10: Hi, Sierra
REISSUE: Sierra Boggess on The Strip in 2006

If you rack your brain hard enough, you’ll still fail to come up with any star of the Vegas stage quite like Sierra Boggess. We’ve had plenty of hugely famous people perform and countless formerly famous people attempt to revive careers here. But Boggess is singular as an actress whose first big break was in a Vegas production, “Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular”, and who has then moved on to star in a major Broadway production followed, now, by opening the Phantom sequel “Love Never Dies” in London’s West End. Now the 28-year-old is about to return to Broadway as one of the most in-demand ingénues of her age. We visited our little Sierra in her dressing room in London last week, and we’ll play that conversation for you today.

In Banter: Our London sojourn, the Twitter Twerps drama, Super Bowl TV ad drama, Cher's odd goodbye.

Links to stuff discussed:

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Steve, have you done anything for Newsweek lately? If so, I missed it.