Friday, March 25, 2011

Will The Review-Journal Sue Victor Chaltiel?

It's been a while since I've taken much interest in the Righthaven drama. That's the Vegas law firm that obtains copyrights from the Review-Journal to pursue litigation against bloggers and other website owners that steal R-J articles, charts and photos. I favor it, although I also think that a judicious and reasonable standard ought to apply to whom is sued.

Still, since the R-J's dramatic change to a kinder, gentler leadership regime, there have been far fewer lawsuits filed by Righthaven on behalf of the R-J. The company instead has moved on to work on behalf of the Denver Post, too. Steve Green, the Las Vegas Sun scribe who has assiduously documented Righthaven's many filings, hasn't posted a piece about a lawsuit related to R-J content since Jan. 4.

But, alas, there is a very visible -- if not relevant, at least free-spending -- candidate for Las Vegas mayor, Victor Chaltiel, who apparently didn't pay enough attention to what happened on this blog and how it impacted Sharron Angle in the last electoral go-around, and dumped the entire profile from the March 16 profile written by Alan Choate. Yes, he provides a link, but he also provides all 1,237 luscious words.

So, is Righthaven out of business in Vegas? I'm trying to reach the folks who would know.

Meanwhile, folks from out of town will enjoy Victor For Vegas' instaclassic ad. He's not polling too well in the Goodmanapalooza that is this race, but he's colorful:

[H/T to David McKee, Stiffs & Georges]


Anonymous said...

Here is why you may not here much from RightHaven

They are starting to lose in court

Anonymous said...

He didn't become a citizen until a few years ago and his wife still isn't one