Friday, April 15, 2011

CityCenter Comes To Their Senses?

I know there's a ton of big Vegas news out there -- Kirk leaving MGM, Wynn's newest best friends being indicted, dipsticks finally getting their comeuppance -- but I've got a project to contend with so I can only handle minor blog posts right now. So thanks to Amy for lobbing this one right over my plate:

Could it be they're taking this monstrosity down?

Probably not. I predict they've just realized this one doesn't stay up right and, like a horror film monster, this thing will be back and uglier and more insulting to the Cesar Pelli than ever.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope!

Amy said...

Status update: They removed the bottom row of stars, but they left the text.


Anonymous said...

@Amy: They might not be done. Most banner companies take the weekends off and today is very windy so we'll see if they start back up on Tuesday, which they should.