Thursday, April 14, 2011

LVW Col: For Whom The Tillerman Tolled

Sometimes columns come from trying to go out to eat. See? -sf

Longtime Vegas restaurant the Tillerman quietly disappears
By Steve Friess


I hadn’t been by in at least a decade, so this may partly be my fault. But I had a coupon and we couldn’t agree on anything else, so Amy and I decided to meet at the Tillerman. It’s one of those Old Vegas haunts everybody should try once, I insisted.

We were too late. The notice on those heavy wood doors read “TEMPORARILY CLOSED,” but a real estate sign announced the vacancy. The Tillerman’s last Facebook status update, on February 16, says it “closed due to the economy and a greedy landlord.”

Around the same time, our foodie press agonized over the sudden demise of Wynn Las Vegas’ Alex, which, it could be said, could use the same Facebook status. Much was made of what the loss of Alex meant to the Strip.

Nobody noticed, however, when, after an underwhelming Valentine’s Day, the owner closed a 31-year-old institution that once defined fine dining in a less-sophisticated, pre-celebuchef era.

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