Thursday, June 30, 2011

LVW Col: Vegas Blew It, And Not In A Good Way

Here's the columnized version of the blog post of the other day. Also, you can hear me, Chuck and travel agent Terry Wilsey discuss the topic on Las Vegas Weekly Radio Mag tonight on KUNV, 91.5 FM, at 5:30p. I'll update this post with the link when there's a podcast version available. -sf

When it comes to gay marriage,
Nevada is a few states too late



Like most gay Americans not on the happy streets of Greenwich Village on Friday as the New York Senate deliberated whether to make my home state the largest and coolest state to recognize same-sex marriages, I sat with one eye glued to cable news coverage and the other avidly scanning the web. And amid that hullabaloo, an email arrived from Nevada’s foremost conservative activist, Chuck Muth.

He, too, was paying attention and took the unfolding historic moment to call on his Silver State minions—those who sign his anti-tax pledges and cower when he unleashes his ire—to embrace marriage equality because “it’s inevitable. It can and will be delayed, but not stopped. And eventually, it will be as acceptable as black/white marriages.”

It was at once a reality check and a warning against being on the wrong side of history. It wasn’t the first time Muth or other principled conservatives—those who follow their credo all the way to the belief that government should stay out of personal as well as economic lives—had made such remarks, but his timing heightened the message.

To sweeten the pot, Muth added this: “As an economy based almost solely on tourism and entertainment, Nevada—and especially Las Vegas —should accept reality, embrace the inevitable, repeal the state’s ban on gay marriage and scarf up on the tourism bonanza that would result rather than suck hind teat behind the likes of Hawaii and New York.”

Sorry, Charlie.

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Thomas said...

"You blew it and not in a good way". I saw what you did there Steve.