Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Strip is LIVE tonight @ 8pm PT!

Tonight, we go in-depth with former Harrah's CEO and current IGT board chairman Phil Satre, who led the company from 1984 to 2005 and is largely responsible for the company's head-spinning growth and dominance in the world of gaming loyalty clubs . We called on Satre because this fall would have been the 100th birthday of Bill Harrah, but the company that until two minutes ago bore that name has precious little planned to commemorate the moment. Satre offers up some terrific tidbits about the quirky founder's personality, reacts to recent data showing slot machines may be able to create a chemical dependency, talks about that one thing he almost built on the Strip and much more.

So here's zee plan: At 8 p.m. PT, we will begin to play the interview with Satre, and you can hear that and chat with other listeners -- and watch Black, Jack and Aces gnaw ferociously at treats -- on this UStream site. We'll stop playing the interview when Miles gets home from work so we can do the regular parts of the show, and then, of course, the podcast of it all -- in the correct order -- will be available tomorrow with the whole Satre discussion intact.

I hope you'll be there. But if not, I'll try getting the podcast out as quickly as I can, so you can subscribe to The Strip (it's free!) in iTunes or Zune to get the latest show and various specials.