Thursday, July 28, 2011

LVW Col: My Vegas Bucket List

Listeners to The Strip have heard me talking about this, but this past weekend I put in some extended hours working down my Vegas Bucket List. ALSO, LVW has set up an interactive thing where you can tell them what's on your bucket list, so go here for that. Here's this week's column about why I'm doing it. Enjoy. -sf

As Time Ticks Down, My Bucket List Grows

“The best is yet to come, and babe, won’t it be fine,” Tony Bennett crooned to the rapt audience at the Palms. “You think you’ve seen the sun, but you ain’t seen it shine.”

That was Sunday, a night I almost never go out. And I was legitimately exhausted to boot, because on Friday I’d driven to Cedar City, Utah, to see a play at the Utah Shakespeare Festival and then woke up early to spend Saturday hiking in Zion National Park.

I toyed with the idea of passing on Bennett, but then remembered what was propelling this frenzy of activity in the first place: My time in Las Vegas is ticking down, and I don’t want to regret things I didn’t do. By the end of August, my partner and I will be en route to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to participate in a fellowship I earned, and there’s no telling whether we’ll move back.

I am treating this as a major life passage. And I’ve learned through prior life passages that it’s extremely important to me to squeeze every last drop out of the last epoch before it’s over and my world changes forever.

Thus, my Vegas bucket list.

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Dan Short said...

Your comment "there’s no telling whether we’ll move back" Kind of brought a tear to my eye. Like losing close friends.

You must come back.


Anonymous said...

If you are able to interview Siegfried - can you ask him if they will ever release a video of the show. I always regret that I never to got to see their show at the Mirage.