Friday, July 29, 2011

Plaza Partners Up With Gay Basher For Theater!

No, really.

The supposedly resurgent Plaza just announced a deal with the Insurgo Theater "Movement" to have the local troupe present its frequently terrible productions in a new 75-seat space on the hotel-resort's third floor. Insurgo is expected to open with "Waiting For Godot" when the place officially re-debuts on Sept. 1. (David McKee broke the news before the press release via CityLife, by the way.)

You might recall the Insurgo from my LVW column last fall. They're the ones whose owner, John Beane, wrote this on a public Facebook site to openly gay Review-Journal theater critic Anthony Del Valle:

“you’re a piece of shit, man. i can take a bad review any day and i definitely have shit nights as an actor. but youre just such a fucking piece of spam about it all. you cant just write the review. youve got to demean, you’ve got to insult the company and the effort of doing it at all. the union redemption offering at the end was just faggoty pissy bullshit. it was womanly. seriously. fuck you.”

Mr. Beane would later respond that he did not call Del Valle a faggot and offer up a link to Tim Gunn in an "It Gets Better" video to show how he really, truly empathizes with the Plight of The Gays. He never apologized or even acknowledged that his use of these slurs was ill-advised.

And now the Plaza is his partner. How exciting for them!


Derek Washington said...

We who live downtown would appreciate the bigots and asshats keeping that crap somewhere else. It only gets better when people like this aren't patronized. Go to Theater 7 instead!

New said...

You know absolutely NOTHING of what you post regarding this which is totally understandable because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with you.

I'm open to evidence, of course:

- Show me the public Facebook post you stated your quote came from.
(My source of the same quote is a private email from Beane to Del Valle.)

- Show me the quote where someone is called a faggot. (No one is called a faggot in the quote you posted.)

Thanks, Friess.

Just want to make sure you're keeping your ducks in a row on this one. I've got copies of most of the documents you've been referencing, and after reading this post, as you know from above, now I'm starting to have some questions....

I don't have any vested interest in this other than I want to check your facts... because I can.

Ask any one of the guys you tagged in your post, Mckee, Del Valle, or Beane, if Deanne should get involved, and they'll tell you, "No!"

Whatever their reasons may be, I've no clue, but mine are that you know you better damn well have solid links and screen shots of what you are quoting to back your shit up or you REALLY need to watch it on the accusations.

I don't think there is a clear reason even established as to why YOU in particular are calling someone out.

Every single one of my relatives is racist, yet I'm not hate blogging private arguements about their business ventures, just for kicks.

Just prove to me you are on the level, and we're good, kid.


New: I don't owe anyone who is too craven to sign their name any sort of proof or response. But I will say this: Anyone who thinks that "faggoty" is not the same as "faggot" is an idiot. That anyone would hang defense of this behavior on such a technicality is truly beyond help. I absolutely have an interest in as a member of the public as well as someone who observes the arts and entertainment scene, and I believe that the public absolutely ought to know and judge for themselves if this sort of behavior and attitude is something they wish to support with their business.

Nice try, any which way. Unless you sign your name, however, as I do with every last thing I say, you will not have another opportunity to contribute to this conversation in this forum.